Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 6 - The Remix

Well, I think I finally made it to a point where I can't find appropriate Seinfeld material for my Insanity workout. That is saying something. Day 6 of Insanity brings us back around to the first real workout, "Plyometric Cardio Circuit." The workout went about the same as Day 2. I made it farther into the warm-up before having to back off on the intensity.

During the last 2 circuits (lots of arms and core), I still found myself, to paraphrase my old friend Nick Callaway, -- Down on my knees, begging Mama for buttermilk. I never understood that expression, but I think it conveys how much I wanted the video to end. My arms and back are still twitching from the workout. I hope that ends before the day is over.

I know that these workouts have a lot of after-burn to them because 2 to 3 hours later I am still pumping out heat and sweating. I know that I burned all the glycogen out of my legs (and likely my arms too) during the workout, so the excess heat is probably related to replenishing those stores. I don't know enough about exercise physiology to really be sure though.

If I make it through the rest day tomorrow, then I will completed the first week. I may start doing the workouts in the evening for week 2. I am completely exhausted before we get the kiddos in bed because I have been getting up so early. It is almost like we have a new born again. My post tomorrow will probably just be a weigh-in. Have a good weekend!


Postscript: The Insanity workout goes much smoother without having a 7-year-old heckling that this isn't so hard while jogging in place. I think I got plenty of Sophie's peanut gallery commentary.

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