Saturday, February 5, 2011

41 - A Really Sad & Scary Number

41.  You know the number right after 40 and right before 42. As someone that deals with numbers every day, I don't usually feel sad or depressed by one of them. However, a couple of weeks ago, I heard a news story that really hit me pretty hard by using the number 41. In New York City, the abortion rate is 41% according to the city health department. The number for black women is closer to 60%. What is going on in that city that 2 out of 5 (3 out of 5 for black women) pregnancies end in death?

Don't get me wrong. I am not about changing laws, but I am concerned about what it is says about our overall societal well-being. Somehow, we need to figure out how to provide a different message to the women making these decisions. For some reason, they believe that the best plan for their future involves sacrificing the life of an innocent. Our churches (actually the individual Christians inside and out of those buildings) need to provide better hope and answers that don't come from changing laws or Supreme Court decisions.

Adoption is a WONDERFUL thing. I have a great brother (Lee) because of adoption. My daughter, Sophie, is a blessing every day. We have seen Chloe brighten up Walt & Annie's life.  Esther has made Josh & Margo goofy parents just like Kristy and me. We are hoping and praying that little Eliza Kate will become our daughter in the next couple of weeks. This is the sort of message that we need to put out to women that are facing difficult decisions.

Newly hatched Sophie and a very tired Russ.
 Anyway, I just had to get that off of my chest because it is not often that a number makes my eyes watery.

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