Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 12 - CPR

Well, that workout really sucked. Day 12 of the Insanity challenge is a "Cardio Power & Resistance (CPR)" session. I have described this workout before (here), but today it seemed like my body just didn't respond when I asked it to go. Instead, I kept thinking, "I hope Kristy remembers her CPR training because she's going to need it in about 20 seconds." I made through another day and I am ready for this week to end.

Tomorrow is the final workout of Week #2 - "Pure Cardio" with the addition of "Cardio Abs" for the first time. Sunday is a rest day which is great because I will be on the road to Monterey, California for the Hardened Electronic And Radiation Technology (HEART) Conference. It will be a real challenge to push myself to stay with the Insanity program while in a hotel. At conferences, there is always someone that wants to go to lunch or dinner, and the meals go on and on and on. It is difficult to break away from all the socialization (that should get a chuckle from those that really know me) to go sweat and beg for the workout to end.

Have a great weekend!

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