Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 17 - Pure Hatred, Uhh, I Mean Cardio

Day 17 of the Insanity Challenge is the day that I felt the initial tweak in my calf 2 weeks ago. It has come and gone again with nothing happening this time. So, I don't think I can blame the DVD anymore.

- - - Notes on Day 17 - - -
  • I still want to punch Shaun T every time he says, "I am not trying to hurt you, just trying to make you better."
  • If you ever hear me say, "I think I am going to relax and do a Pure Cardio session," then I have either lost my mind or started doing some sort of illicit drugs (or both).
  • I think Josh has a point when he commented that "Stupidity" might be a better name for the workout series, but it probably wouldn't sell as many copies.
  • I always look forward to the "Cardio Recovery" session that is coming up tomorrow.
Have a good evening!

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