Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 19 - Injured

Well, stretching and ibuprofen did the job to get me to the workout, but the butt kicks during the workout reinforced that I did have a problem with my right calf. I slogged my way through the Day 19 - Cardio Power & Resistance session, but I ended up limping around at the conference committee close-out dinner. I have made so much progress since that first week that I am reluctant to stop, but I am worried that if I continue that the calf muscle will tear. (Is that a compound sentence or a run-on?)

There was plenty of sweat during the session, but I am managing my heart rate and effort pretty well. Tomorrow is a long travel day (Monterey -> LAX -> DFW -> XNA -> Fayetteville), but I am scheduled for a Plyometric Cardio Circuit session. Depending on the state of my calf, I may swap the Sunday OFF for this workout.  Have a great weekend!

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