Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The Last Templar" Review

  • Title:  "The Last Templar"
  • Author:  Raymond Khoury
  • Finished:  April 3, 2009
  • Synopsis:  Raymond Khoury's website has a pretty good description of the story.  The description treats the book fairly even though it is a promo site for Khoury and his books.
  • Impression of the book:  This book grabbed me from the beginning when four horsemen dressed as Knights Templar raid a Metropolitan Museum opening for a Roman Catholic artifact.  The first chapter made want to read further, but it kind of made me wonder if I wasn't reading a knock-off of "The DaVinci Code." I haven't read that book so I have no way of actually judging that impression.  The FBI anti-terrorism agent (Sean Reilly) is a solid, believable character, but Tess Chaykin leaves a lot to be desired.  In general, I was entertained.  This novel is another that attempts to challenge the foundations of Christianity in a very superficial way and doesn't succeed in my estimation.  I think that Khoury believes that the Templar conspiracy put forth in the book was more compelling than I found it.
  • Read Again Scale:  3 (On the minus side of maybe)
    • There would have to be a real dearth of reading material for me to go through this one again.
  • Read Another Book by the Same Author:  5 (Definite maybe)
    • I might pick up another Khoury novel.  This one was good enough to make me think about it.
You may remember that I said that my leaving reading material behind happens more often  than you would think.  Well, "The Last Templar" was another of those airport reading material purchases.  I have since learned that there is not a line on my Expense Report for "Reading Material," so I am becoming more diligent about securing my books before speeding away from the house.  This book was worth the $6.00 or so that I paid for it, especially if I can get my brother to sell it for me on eBay.

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