Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"The Apprentice" Review

  • Title:  "The Apprentice"
  • Author:  Tess Gerritsen
  • Finished: March 13, 2009
  • Synopsis:  The synopsis is probably best handled by linking to Gerritsen's webpage or the Amazon page for the book.
  • Impression of the book: As I started doing these reviews, I realized that I read the Jane Rizzolli and Maura Isles series in a scrambled order. Gerritsen wrote them in this order: (1) The Surgeon, (2) The Apprentice, (3) The Sinner, (4) Body Double, and so on. In looking at my spreadsheet, I read them in this order: (4), (2), (1), and (3).  The really odd thing is that, because the stories are so self-contained, you never feel lost or missing key details. As I said in the "Body Double" review, that book is my favorite of the four that I have read so far.  However, I was ready to read more cases involving Isles and Rizzolli after I finished this one.
  • Read Again Scale:  5
    • A definite maybe on the re-read scale.  It depends on what else is going on in the house.
  • Read Another Book by the Same Author:  10
    • Since I am reviewing a 2nd book by this author, you have a pretty good idea that I will read her work again.
This is another quick read. I am pretty sure that Gerritsen writes them that way. I enjoy these popular fiction novels for what they are:  a short escape that doesn't demand that I ponder deep issues.  If you like shows like CSI or Law & Order, you will probably enjoy these books by Gerritsen.

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