Monday, February 27, 2012

"Let's Start the Insanity" - Day 1

  • Kramer: "Hey, I'll tell you what, Chubby, if that yogurt has fat in it, I will put myself on an all-yogurt diet for a week."
  • Jerry: "Well, let's start the insanity!"
So, today I finished Insanity's "Fit Test" that really determines the level of slovenly life that I have settled myself into. Before getting to those results, I should say something about my current weight. I weighed 193 last night. That is about 10 pounds lighter than the 2 bills+ that I weighed after the Achilles tendon incident. My regular doctor thinks, "You really should try to get down to your weight as a high school senior." From the look on my face, I am sure that he realized that I would never see 155 on the scale unless I was weighing under water. So, he decided that I should shoot for something closer to 175. I would settle for 180.

Here are the results from today's 5:15 am workout:

Exercise Day 1 Reps
Switch Kicks 35
Power Jacks 26
Power Knees 53
Power Jumps 22
Globe Jumps 6
Suicide Jumps 8
Push-Up Jacks 11
Low Plank Oblique 22

Now, the bar has been set, and it's a pretty low bar if I do say so myself. Apparently, I will be repeating this test on Day 15, Day 36, Day 50, and Day 63. This will give me a way of measuring my progress along the way.

Here is a little summary to let you know how I felt during the video. First of all, my heart rate was above 80% of max when I finished the ~2 minute warm-up before the stretching. Next, the switch kicks (first exercise in the test) are tough to count because I am certain that the ticker was going north of 160 beats per minutes while I tried to do the long division (dividing by 2) in my head. So, the 35 is more of an estimate than an actual number. Next, I thought I was going to collapse during the last 4 exercises. My test results in the last half will improve a great deal if I can improve the cardiovascular fitness enough not to be redlining before I get to them. Finally, if today is any indication, I will need the barf bucket close by for the normal workout.

Tomorrow is my first real taste of the asylum. I am doing the "Plyometric Cardio Circuit" on Day 2 (just like the poster tells me to do). I will report on that little nugget if I survive.


In other news, you shouldn't leave a "temporary" crown on your tooth for close to 20 years. (In my defense, I was not aware that it was temporary.) It causes a lot of trauma when you finally let the dentist fix it. I struggled mightily to be productive after the 2.5 hour session in the dentist chair this morning/afternoon and lost the battle.

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MOM said...

You are your mother's son! Love you!

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