Friday, March 5, 2010

"The Sinner" Review

  • Title:  "The Sinner"
  • Author:  Tess Gerritsen
  • Finished:  April 5, 2009
  • Synopsis:  As with the previous reviews of Gerritsen books, the synopsis is probably best handled by linking to Gerritsen's webpage or the Amazon page for the book.
  • Impression of the book:  This Rizzoli and Isles story is the most recent book by Gerritsen that I have read.  Unfortunately, it is also the least memorable of the ones I have read.  Dr. Isles is dealing with an ex-husband and both Rizzoli and Isles face a lot of non-practicing Catholic guilt.  These aspects of the novel never really drew me into the story. Without these sidelines, the medical mystery would have been very entertaining.  As it is, this was my least favorite of the 4 Rizzoli/Isles books that I have read thus far.
  • Read Again Scale:  5
    • Like the previous three Gerritsen novels, a definite maybe on the re-read scale.  It depends on what else is going on in the house.
  • Read Another Book by the Same Author:  10
    • Since I am reviewing a 4th book by this author, you have a pretty good idea that I will read her work again.
The distractions from the main storyline do add depth to Gerritsen's characters as they develop through the series.  However, I would have preferred that she stick with story at hand.  It was an entertaining book, but I believe that the attempts at defining Isles and Rizzoli more thoroughly cooled me on reading any more book in the series over the last 11 months.  Eventually, I will get back to Gerritsen's medical mysteries because she really does tell great stories. Once again, I need to caution that the subject matter of Gerritsen's books can cause some to lose sleep. 

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