Thursday, March 19, 2009

2-10 Home Warranty Post #1

A few days ago I got an offer in the mail that gave us the opportunity to renew or restart my home warranty from 2-10 Home Warranty. Basically, after our previous experience with them, they were asking if I want to set $460 on fire in my outdoor pottery fireplace. This company was so bad, that to avoid the wrath of Kristy, the Better Business, Bureau, and a fraud lawsuit, they sent us a reimbursement check for their technicians' visits to our house. They KNEW they would lose BIG TIME!

Here is the list of prices on the postcard that reminded me how much I dislike this company:
  • Basic Coverage -- $460
  • Enhance HVAC -- $75
  • Additional Pool/Spa -- $150
  • Swimming Pool/Spa -- $150
  • $60 Trade Fee -- $20 (I don't know what this is)
  • Water Softener -- $40
  • $45 Trade Fee -- $40 (I don't know what this is either)
Along with the prices for their warranty, they gave this list of expensive items that they would not actually pay to repair if they broke at your home that was supposedly covered by their warranty (again, based on my experience with them):
  • "Replacing your home heating system could cost $3,100."
  • "A major plumbing repair could cost $1,900."
  • "Replacing a water heater could cost $700."
So, let me be clear about what I am trying to say about this company: 2-10 Home Warranty Company sucks! If you are going to waste your money on a home warranty, DON'T BUY your coverage from 2-10 Home Warranty. Find some other company to waste your money. I don't have any recommendations on who is trustworthy is this regard. If you are getting a home warranty (paid for by a seller) for a new house, DON'T BUY your coverage from 2-10 Home Warranty.


I apologize for this rant after the fact. When we finally got rid of the coverage from 2-10 Home Warranty about 6 months ago (it was purchased by the seller of our home), I promised myself I would write a "2-10 Home Warranty Sucks" post every time I got an email, mass mailing, or "personal" note from the company. Hopefully, there will not be a "2-10 Home Warranty Post #2," but I am pretty sure that 2-10 Home Warranty will send me some more direct marketing materials. I can only hope that someone will stumble on this post about 2-10 Home Warranty from Google and back out of buying a new or renewal policy from 2-10 Home Warranty because 2-10 Home Warranty sucks.

For those that don't know, I am trying to increase the number of times I write 2-10 Home Warranty in this post so that it will increase the odds that this post will be found when someone searches for 2-10 Home Warranty.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I received my 2-10 renewal last week. It went from $395 to $595 with no explanation. I'm searching other home warranty companies now. I have no major complaints about 2-10 except the ridiculous increase from last year. We're in a recession; what the hell is this company thinking raising premiums by that much?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that 2-10 home warranty has an ad on your page?

Anonymous said...

I agree, although I can't tell if it is my contractor or the company. He came 1 time, collected my 100.00 and never returned... I have 4 work orders and still no phone call from either. According to the list of excellent waranties, American is the way to go. A good warranty company calls to make sure you are satisfied with the work... well, I am not! It never go fixed since the microwave wouldn't "act up" for the technician... only 2 hours after he left did it decide to misbehave. Why can't they take my word, that it keeps throwing codes and shutting off??? I can't make up a code... I had to call to find out what it meant! I am not happy with this company or the fact that I threw away 100.00! Not to mention the cost of the warranty!

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