Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Funny - THINK Before You Name

Actual sign on Interpretation By Design Site.
It is likely that I am just a little punch drunk from three and a half weeks with very little sleep, but I found a sign on the road between Mena and Hot Springs hilarious.  We were driving to Little Rock last Sunday to have a short (~3 hours) visit with Eliza's birth-mother, and we saw a sign that said "Little Hope Baptist Church - 2 miles".  First, I had to ask Kristy if she saw the same sign.  Then, I just started laughing (prompting the "Please don't kill us over a sign." commentary from the passenger seat).

As it turns out, others have found the "Little Hope Baptist Church" sign humorous.  I found a picture of the sign on another blog. What were the church planters thinking?

I should mention that it doesn't surprise me too much that a church would get named this if the largest "town" close to you is Pine Ridge, Arkansas (home of the famous Lum & Abner radio team). If you spent much time in Oden, Pine Ridge, or Pencil Bluff, you would probably think that you had little hope as well. It DOES surprise me that there other churches in the country named the same thing (Canton, Texas; Tuomsuba, Mississippi; Madera, California). I am certain that I can find others.

Am I delirious or does anyone else find this funny?

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Kritter Krit said...

You're delirious. It's funny, but not THAT funny. That's okay. Sleep-deprivation is a wild and wacky thing. I thought Sophie using MY finger to try to pick her nose was hilarious last night. Normal Me would've found it totally disgusting, of course. As it was, I was all, "Eeeee heee heeeeeeee!" Yeah. We need some zzzzz action pronto!

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