Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Funny

It has been a tough week (MPU-wise) because nothing I have read recently in science reporting has spun me up enough to generate another post. I have been working about 12 hour days while I was on the road this week, so I haven't had a chance to read much in the way of science news. Instead of offending AGW-alarmists, this Friday morning I have decided to offend another group of people: Texas Tceh Graduates Who Can Read. I believe that this is a small group, and the way that I will offend them will probably make large groups of people laugh.

Kristy has written all about the "L-word" and the feelings about Tceh at our house, but then she gave a reason to like the town. What a sell out! Here is a picture and a video that should fix any rehabilitation that she has done in the minds of people out there.

And people wonder why the Texas Aggies spell Tceh the way that we do. Aggies are nice people, and we are just trying to make any Red Raiders around feel better about themselves. Many of you will have seen this one, but this Tceh freshman has his dream job. He gets to be the bell ringer at Jones Stadium.

AND, he gets to ring that bell on national television. I am going to meet my young nephew (Wylie) over the weekend, so you may not see a new post for a few days. I hope you at least got a good chuckle at Tceh's expense. Have a great weekend.

1 comment:

Brett said...

Have seen the bellringer before . . . there was a great skit that was forwarded with the clip set to "Eye of the Tiger" followed by "Ring my Bell" the old disco song.

Good ole Lubbock . . . it's a shame all them good lookin' girls had to end up in the desert!

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