Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yankees Versus Redsox (Or More BS)

Although this blog started as a rant against bad science, I thought I would calm from my rants on that subject for at least one post. That's right, I am going to rant about something that REALLY irritates me. I absolutely cannot stand the way that the dang New York Yankees versus the Boston Redsox is being foisted upon me day after day (and year after year). I think this is another example of an overblown importance the media provides to this rivalry. The media giants are located there, so these teams are the most important in the universe.

Recently, we got to hear about the absolute silliness about a Redsox jersey being in the concrete of the new Yankee stadium. Then, we had to hear about how they were removing the jersey because the Yankees couldn't bear the thought of it being there in perpetuity. (Actually, some structural engineer probably told them they had to dig it out because of the weakness that might result from the impurity in the concrete.) Now, we have to breathlessly await what will happen during the next weekend series. Sorry, I am not buying what these clowns are selling.

First, I grew up in the South. If not explicitly taught, it was understood that Yankees are generally not nice people. While I have somewhat overcome my difficulties with Yankees (thanks, Jen and Chris), I don't care a bit for the baseball teams up there. Actually, the word "hate" comes to mind when I think of the baseball Yankees. They are the epitomy of what I think is wrong with baseball. "Oh, we didn't win the championship last year. Let's spend another hundred million to get four other teams' best players."

Next, only people from the Northeast care about these teams. Sure, there are tons of people that live there, but give us a break. The lowest ratings in the history of the World Series occurred when the Mets played the Yankees a few years back. It seems that no one in the rest of the country much cared what happened after the players got off the subway.

Finally, we have to listen to this shhh, I mean, stuff for 19 times (or how many ever games they play) each year. We also have to hear pre-series, post-game, and post-series coverage. And, don't forget the introspective pieces, the "Behind the Lines" specials, the Ken Burns Baseball: Special Edition, etc.

I know how it feels to be a Yankee. I spent five years in College Station, Texas. To some of the guys I met down there, I was a Yankee because I came from north of the Red River. So, I guess the definition of Yankee varies by location. But PLEASE, stop with the Yankees versus Redsox BS already.

This is either really irritating or I am really in need of NCAA football to start up again soon. As I think about it, it is probably both.


As a side note, I have added a couple of items to my list of 101 Things About Me.

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Kritter Krit said...

You gotta love a post that uses a word like "foisted".

Ooo, baby. HOT.

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