Monday, April 14, 2008

This Is Perfect?

Today (April 14), I went to work with frost on the ground, and yesterday it was below freezing when I got out of bed. I tend to HATE cold weather because, even though I am still young and spry, my surgical scar and joints are more annoying when it is chilly. Added to the annoyance of the cold-induced aches and pains, I saw that several of my neighbors had decided combat the deep freeze last night by placing their bedsheets and blankets over their plants. I thought to myself, "This is THE climatological optimum? This is PERFECT?!?!"

While in that train of thought, I remembered some of the things about the signatures of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) from a book by Patrick J. Michaels (Meltdown). Here are some of the signs of AGW according to Michaels:

--"The warming would be greater in winter than in summer." [This is good to me. It is not as cold. And, what is the difference in the summer between 101 and 102? Hot is still hot.]

--The warming would be greater in the Northern Hemisphere compared to the Southern Hemisphere. [This gets a "Big deal!" from me. I think this is because most of the land is in the North, but I am not sure.]

--"Nights would warm relative to days." [Good. Nights are when it really gets cold anyway.]

--"Warming would be enhanced at high latitudes." [Again, this get a "Big deal!" from me. Who the heck really cares if it -50 rather than -55? In fact, I would bet the people there would be happy for the 5 degrees of AGW on a night when it is -55.]

Some of the other things that happen with a warmer climate are longer growing seasons, increased land that is suitable for agriculture because the growing season is longer, and a "free" fertilizer (the U.S.D.A estimates that crop yields have increased 10% as a consequence of humans putting carbon dioxide into the air). All these things add up to the ability to produce more food for a growing (but stabilizing) world population. What is so horrible about that?

I don't know what is so horrible about any of these things that we would choose to wreck the most productive and energy efficient economies of the world to stop 0.07 degrees Celsius of AGW. However, I am tired of seeing my neighbors' bedsheets in their front yards. Almost anything would be more perfect than that.


As a side note, I have added a couple of items to my list of 101 Things About Me.

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your funny

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