Monday, June 4, 2012

Insanity Cycle #2 - Day 1

So, after a 3 week hiatus to recover and contemplate my next fitness goals, tonight I started cycle #2 of the Insanity Challenge. You may recall that the first day is Insanity's "Fit Test" that determines the baseline fitness level before the "60 days" begin. I weighed 188 last night which is 5 pounds lighter than when I started this madness the last time. Since finishing the first cycle, I have seen as low as 184 on my scale. My goals for this cycle are to be at 180 or less at the end AND have some sort of maintenance exercise program in the hopper.

Here are the results from today's workout (C2 Day 1 Reps) compared to the same results from cycle #1:

Exercise C1 Day 1 Reps C2 Day 1 Reps
Switch Kicks 35 51
Power Jacks 26 46
Power Knees 53 90
Power Jumps 22 42
Globe Jumps 6 8
Suicide Jumps 8 13
Push-Up Jacks 11 23
Low Plank Oblique 22 48

If you followed along before, you will notice that the beginning of cycle #2 is down about 10-20% from the end of cycle #1. That is what 3 weeks of decomposing buys you.  I can tell that I will be sore in the morning, and the soreness was non-existent at the end the first cycle. Also, it felt like I was REALLY starting over. I know that I am in much better shape now than 4 months ago, but it doesn't feel like it during the workout.

Tomorrow, I am doing the "Plyometric Cardio Circuit" on Day 2. I am planning to stick with the workout poster again, but I may add the "Cardio Abs" that are missing from the first few sessions of "Pure Cardio".

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