Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Hits - Aftermath of Climate Gate

Missing Heat Update
Some of you may recall that I commented on NCAR looking for "missing heat" almost two years ago.  Here is a link to that post. Kevin Trenberth and his buddies are still worried about this fictitious heat.  Roger Pielke, Sr., a leading climate expert (to me that means he doesn't rely on computer models), dissects the real issues with Trenberth et al at Watts Up With That.  Here was my original explanation and my views haven't changed in the last two years (this was one of Kristy's favorite):

  • "Here is my final explanation for the location of the missing heat. It is in the same place where you guys keep the $20+ billion dollars of hard earned taxes spent on the AGW modeling boondoggle. Vanished, like the proverbial fart in the wind."
Global Warming Now Causes Volcanoes
Well, that is essentially the conclusion in this news article.  Is there anything that doesn't cause or result from global warming?  Well, apparently not.
  • "Now that's funny.  I don't care who you are." -- Larry the Cable Guy
Really Quick Hits
How much has your state "warmed" in the 104 year climate record?  You can find out at Watts Up With That.
  • Arkansas has COOLED by 0.2 degrees (you couldn't detect this in a room in which you were sitting) during all this global warming. 
Once again, Watts Up With That tells you about the final nails in the coffin on the famous hockey stick graph.
  • This is the graph that Al Gore uses to scare school children, and once again, we find it to be a total fiction.
Well, that clears out my feed reader of climate stories.  The bad science is still out there, but "Junk Science" has even moved the global warming stuff to the back burner.  The editor there believes that Climategate was the final bell tolling for the flawed science of AGW.


Lisa said...

Nice blog and well written :-)


David said...

I like the Watt's blog. Lots of relatively easy to read info for a pseudo-scientist like me.

"Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had." -- Michael Chrichton

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