Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I don't know if it is the summertime doldrums or something else, but lately when I start to think about something to write about, I hit a brick wall. Nothing seems to charge me up enough to put the fingers on the keyboard and churn out a post. So, I am beginning to wonder if I will keep going with this project that started as basically a dare (see the last paragraph) from Annie. When you really think about it, that is kind of a silly reason for writing a blog.

In any case, I am struggling with whether to continue to search for things to write about or to discontinue writing MPU until I get re-motivated by something. The struggle is not because I have a large audience. (An average of 50 or so people drop by on a daily basis. That's not very many.) It stems from the fact that if I stop writing on a regular basis, it is likely that I will never get back to it.

SOOOO, that's where I am. I will keep my eyes open for something to get me revved up, but it may be a couple of weeks. I suggest that if you want to know when I put something new up, use the "Subscribe" button below my "Favorite Sites". If you have never used a feed reader, the Google reader is pretty awesome. Let me know in the comments if you need an invitation for a Google account.


Josh & Margo said...

I am crying on the inside right now. Maybe you just need someone to suggest things for you to write about.

Russ said...

I could use help finding topics. Lately, the things that tick me off are political, but I don't want to write that. Send me an email with any suggestions.

Kritter Krit said...

Oh, no, baby! Don't GOOOOOOOO.

And now I have to say...

See. That's what you get for writing a blog about something "thoughty", instead of writing about paint in bellybuttons. With Sophie as your inspiration, there's never a lack of material. =)

Kritter Krit said...

Oh, and another thing, I've found if you're writing a blog for others (and for response from others), you will always be disappointed.

You have to write it for you. Feedback from the masses is just a nice cherry for the sundae. =)

Lora Lee said...

I will have to quote Kristy "Don't Go." I may not understand half the stuff you write but I still check in and read everyword you type even if most of it goes over my head. Remember this is your blog, so write whatever comes to you even if it isn't some political, environmental, something or another. Just let it come pouring out into the computer. Your article about Grandma Hazel probably made it around the world, it was so good. Well I hope you don't stop.

Love ya'll

Lora Lee

Anonymous said...

RUSS!!! You can't go... seriously... don't go!

I agree with Lora Lee, man... it doesn't matter what you write about, just write... Your brain is much more interesting than most and there are plenty of us out here who want to tap into that. So don't let us down!

The dare is still on, and you don't want to loose, do you? :)


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